Soudcloud Pulse now available on iOs

SoundCloud Pulse, a dedicated app created especially for artists and creators, is now available on iOs.

The app, under Berlin-based company SoundCloud, was launched for Android in November. It allows musicians–whether independent artists or pros–to share audio or do special versions like remixes. They can also annotate and comment, as well as interact with fans.

The iOs version can be downloaded for free here.

Some of the key features of the app are: easy reply to comments whole on the go, up-to-date stats on the performance of the user’s tracks, share music both publicly and privately, delete comments and block users, and follow other SoundCloud users.

Artists will also be able to join SoundCloud’s growing community of creators. Find out more about this here.

“Did we mention that you can also comment on tracks with Emojis now? Not bad!” said the announcement on the SoundCloud blog.

A SoundCloud account is needed to access SoudCloud Pulse.

The app is still making its way to the market. While SoundCloud has over 175 million monthly users, Pulse on Google Play has not yet
gone past the 500,000 mark, reported TechCrunch.

New Android users can download the updated version of the app here.