Neil Young launches GoEarth.Org, a global conservation website

Neil Young has recently launched GoEarth.Org, a website that motivates people toward global conservation.

According to Rolling Stone, the website gives information on the things like earth ecology, banning genetically modified organisms, future of farming, and climate change.

With a slogan that goes “It takes a village to keep the free world rockin'” (a clear reference to the Canadian activist rocker’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” song), the site is a resource for finding services and organizations devoted to helping people live a healthy and well-informed life.

Young is an environmentalist and has been an outspoken advocate since three decades ago. Some of his efforts include co-founding benefit concert Farm Aid (with Willy Nelson and John Mellencamp, and more recently a production of hybrid-engine 1959 Lincoln called Lincvolt. connects us with some of the most effective organizations, working to conserve the natural world and protect our freedoms,” said a statement for the website.

The site has links to different projects, groups, and other efforts to promote the conservation. The “Ban GMO’s” page, for instance, offers links to GMO Free USA and GMO Free Canada, Center for Food Safety, Organic Seed Alliance, Kids Right to Know, and so on.

“The Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) industry has manipulated international governments and scientists to make legal the unethical patenting of genes. Now Monsanto and their corporate cronies have have taken aggressive steps toward ‘owning’ and controlling farmer’s seeds, which belong to the earth and should be shared by all,” the website says.

The site also has a link to Young’s projects, including The concept album The Monsanto Years (released last June), which criticizes agribusiness Monsanto.

Learn more about GoEarth here.