Alanis Morissette celebrates Jagged Little Pill’s 20th year

Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morrisette’s third album, has recently turned 20 years old.

The Canadian singer celebrated the two decades of the hit album on The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, performing an acoustic rendition of “Hand In My Pocket.”

She also did a bit of twist to her hit single “Ironic” by dressing up as a chicken with Fallon and singer Meghan Trainor. They called it the “all-clucking” version.

See the two performances here.

Jagged Little Pill was expected to sell only modestly when it was released in 1995. A Los Angeles rock radio station, however, played the first single “You Oughta Know.”

Then, Morissette said that the following day, there people were started singing it. She told Reuters: “there was a line-up around the block and there were people singing ‘You Oughta Know’ way louder than I was and I just thought ‘Oh. This is no longer mine. This has been given away’.”

“And then I just felt like I was meeting all these new creatures and animals and human beings that had a lot of opinions and a lot of reputability so I actually felt less alone,” added the 41-year-old singer.

The seminal album went on to sell around 33 million copies.

To celebrate, Morrissette has recently released Jagged Little Pill: Collector’s Edition, which contains 10 bonus tracks.

“So these were songs that we were writing leading up to ‘Jagged Little Pill’ and I thought it’d be fun to share them,” Morissette said on Good Morning America. “They’ve been in the archive vault for a while.”